The Crew

Lance Jensen
CEO, Integrity Garage Floors
CEO, South Fork Concrete Coatings

After many years in this business I am still very, very passionate about concrete coatings.  Even when I’m mad I still love this business.  Taking a bare piece of concrete and making it into something beautiful and long lasting for my clients is an awesome experience.  At the end of the day I get to turn around, look at my work and exclaim “I made that by hand!  My hands!!”  It’s a wonderful feeling and one I don’t ever want to give up.

I started out in the business with a company called Global Garage Flooring & Design.  I owned it and took it from a small dealership to a franchise organization where I sold franchises and supported the franchisees.  In this role I trained and supported applicators from across the country.  The old saying “if you want to do something well… do it well.  If you want to know something incredibly well… teach it!”  That is exactly what happened and it is now my pleasure to offer that experience to you.

I also own and operate a company called South Fork Concrete Coatings.  At South Fork I sell coatings directly to applicators, teach concrete coatings and support the heck out of them.  It is a rewarding and educational part of my business.  It also gives me the expertise to deal with your concrete.  Not all concrete is created equal and I love the differences.  It sets us apart.


“Do not try to make hard work easy… Make working hard fun.”

“Our vision is to sell and install great floors.”

“I love going to see my clients… I hate going back!”

“Take having fun seriously.  In your job and in your life.”

Samantha Lane
Office Manager Integrity Garage Floors
Office Manager South Fork Concrete Coatings

I have been a professional service company manager for 20 years, 5 of those years spent in the garage floor coating industry.  It has been a wonderful experience.  We have grown tremendously from a small franchisor to a great applications and coatings company.   I enjoy learning new areas of business and have worked to evolve my responsibilities to include overseeing all of the financials, marketing and scheduling of the entire company.  I love the challenge of juggling responsibilities and keeping the ball in the air, it keeps work interesting!   Managing this crew isn’t easy, but it is fun.   They sometimes act like puppies and fun-heartedly call me the “Meanager” when I have to enforce discipline.

In my off time (like there is actually any of that) I am married to my loving husband Jerry and mother to my rambunctious son Zach!  We enjoy spending weekends in downtown Seattle; going to the theater, playing on the waterfront and watching the Mariners.  Go M’s!