Realtors and my smart remark

A Smart Remark:

I made a smart remark the other day about realtors having an easy time of it the last few years.  I made it to an old friend from college whose garage we had turned into a great garage with garage floors and garage cabinets .  Well, Pam is not only a real estate agent she is a great one! Top 6% in a pool of almost 100,000 agents worldwide.  Ya, I’m serious, great agent!  See the awards photo. Well, my smart remark was met with the email below.  I have to say I know better and deserved it. 


But this isn’t an apology it’s an opportunity.  Just like my business, things are slowing down in the real estate market due to COVID-19 issues.  Our realtors out there should read Pam’s note and be motivated by it.  Work hard, get after it, don’t relax.  6 months from now the ones who hustled are still going to be in business.  The ones that don’t, won’t.  This is a rare opportunity to put your competition out of business.  We all know this economy is going to rebound and it will do so quickly.  I know the long days just got longer, the pay went down and the work went up.  Tough!  Get after it and when it comes back around, you’ll be the one on top of the pile!


Pam, I am sorry for the smart remark and thank you for the opportunity!

Email from Pam: Lance, One thing I’d like to see changed on your message is that real estate brokers work VERY HARD for their business. Yes, the market has been brisk, but actually when the market is brisk we work even harder!  We’re faced with multiple offers, we work all hours of the day and week, and we’re constantly on call. A brisk market means we’re writing up more offers, regardless of the day and time, but not getting many mutually accepted offers for our clients because there is so much competition.

Good agents always work hard for their money.

We maintain a specific code of ethics, we maintain a strict license, we adhere to rules for continuing education, we are advocates for our clients, communities, and we campaign with our state legislators and national politicians to help maintain rights for homeowners.  And much more.  Being a successful agent means you are always on call……and you have to spend lots of money marketing yourself and your properties, maintaining your license, your membership to the MLS, the Washington Realtors, the National Assoc. of Realtors, we pay for access to key boxes and much more.  Did you know the majority of realtors sell ONE home per year? And we do not get paid until we actually close on a property…..

OK, I am honored to be a realtor!  But it is not easy… it’s why they call it “work”.



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